Girls go through clothes fast, especially during those active pre-teen years. It is important to buy girl’s clothes that look good, are good quality and are in style. Girls, from a very young age develop their own sense of style and do not necessarily want to wear what their parents choose for them. Remember to take your daughter with you when you shop for her clothing, this will avoid any unnecessary arguments or tantrums over what types and brands of clothing your daughter will be wearing. These tips will help you pick the right clothing for your daughter and for you.

  • The first task is to take an inventory of what kinds of clothes your child already owns. Make a list of all of her clothing. Maybe she needs more socks, a new pair of shoes, a shirt or a special dress. You want to find out if there are particular kinds of clothing missing from her wardrobe or if she has outgrown something. The inventory should include everything, from her nightgowns to her school clothes to any nice outfits she might have for special occasions.
  • Next, ask her what she wants. She may know which girls’ clothes she needs better than you do. She will know which clothes are worn out and which are too tight. She will also have a sense of what is available and importantly what she likes from having seen clothing on other girls. She will be able to help fill up the list of needed clothing.
  • Time to go shopping. Of course, it is best to take your child with you when you are buying girl’s clothing. She can tell you what she likes in terms of style and color, and you will be able to influence her decisions when it comes to buying clothes she needs but does not necessarily want. Also, it will be much easier to make sure the chosen clothing fits her if she is present at the time you shop.
  • It is never a bad idea to go shopping for girl’s clothing with other parents. Whether you go with dads or moms or both, you will find it very helpful to compare experiences regarding styles of girl’s clothing, as well as clothing brands. Also, other parents are likely to have knowledge of girl’s clothing shops and retailers about which you are unaware. And you will likely know of some great girl’s clothing sources they do not know.
  • Be sure to first buy what your daughter needs, as opposed to what you or she wants. You want to have all the underwear, socks and daily clothes in hand before focusing on a pretty dress or jumper. Keep the basics of her wardrobe in mind, and once you have those items bought, move on to the extras.
  • Following these guidelines can assist you with choosing the types of clothing your daughter really needs, as opposed to what your daughter really wants. Young girls often begin to refuse wearing clothing their parents have chosen for them as young as the age of three. To avoid wasting money on clothing your daughter will not wear remember to take her shopping with you, it is wise to give her a choice of clothing; for example, a choice of 2 to 3 different dresses which you both like. Let her make the final decision on which dress she really likes, this will ensure that she will actually wear the item of clothing.