Mar 30

Holiday Party Wear

What to wear for a holiday party?
One of the suggestions is wearing either a jewel toned dress (burgundy, purple, etc) with black tights and heels. OR if you are uncomfortable in a dress, go for a simple a-line black skirt with a jewel toned top. There are some great silky ones out right now, and again you can wear this with black tights and heels. Wearing a shorter skirt makes you look slimmer, but you can go as long as knee-length depending on what you are comfortable in.

What to wear for a Broadway show?
Is recommended your best semi-formal clothing. If you wear pants, make sure they are wide-legged and drapery (like palazzo pants) made of a high-quality material and paired with a lovely, pretty blouse that has formal details. Think of what you might wear to an evening wedding and you’ll be on the right track. Go with a skirt or dress. Choose shapes and lengths that really flatter your body.

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